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Alongside picking up the accordion, I did a lot of composing on Piano during the period before first filming my videos for Youtube. I knew that many of these tracks held potential (one of the first composed of these, "The Narrator", eventually became "Waking Dream").

Since having the experience of losing and regaining my health over the past couple of years, I have had a huge shift in perspective over the value these early tracks hold for me - especially the value of the person I was at the time, how I felt about music and about my life as I produced these tracks from my bedroom. I also remembered just how much I played the guitar and how torn I felt over the decision of which genre and instrument to pour my time into.

Rediscovering all of this music recently has brought me so much joy, and so I really just want to share these tracks untouched in their entirety. Because I can feel in this music my genuine intent, and the excitement of... everything in those early days. And for me it feels like coming home.

- Dave, 7/4/18