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Shortly after first watching Amélie at the cinema, I purchased my grey Kawai ES1 digital piano - and alongside picking up the accordion - spent a lot of time composing during the couple of years just before I started uploading videos to YouTube. 

I knew that these tracks held potential (one of the first composed of these, The Narrator, eventually became Waking Dream) - but I was also still so hugely drawn to the guitar, after having spent my teenage years in a band on the instrument... I can vividly remember back in the early 2000's, even after posting videos but before my YouTube channel really took off, how conflicted I felt over the decision of which genre of music, and which instrument, to pour my time into.

I recently rediscovered a treasure trove of this music on an old hard drive from this time period... piano ideas, orchestral tracks, and guitar sketches that I had written and recorded in the loft bedroom of my earliest YouTube videos. For years, my plan had been to take much of this music and perfect each track, taking them into the studio to eventually become proper releases.

However, as I have recently experienced, there is something bittersweet and beautiful about losing and then regaining your health that can have a profound effect upon one's perspective - with regards to the things that really matter. For instance, what I feel matters to me much more than 'perfection' in this moment, is that when I listen to these demos I can connect with who I was during the time period of all of this work. I can sense the aliveness of that time through the music, that the inspiration was flowing freely, providing me a feeling of invincibility that I have been really missing these past couple of years.

And so.. as a celebration of the past, and of recently reaching one year of cancer free - I am releasing almost 165 minutes of this demo material, untouched, as a behind-the-scenes look at everything I was working on throughout these early years. 

This release, for me, is an act of hitting the reset button, before moving forwards with my music. I know that if I had not been so lucky with my own experience of cancer, then I wouldn't find myself sitting here today - and all of this music would never have been heard.

Instead, I'm very happy that all of the things I was writing and playing between the ages of 20-23 will finally be heard and enjoyed; this is my musical history. And although this music will be new to you, I hope it will prove as nostalgic for you as it is for me, especially for those of you who have been following my music since the time period in which it was recorded.

Demos and Daydreams (2003-2006) is a double album available now for Digital Download, containing 50 tracks of piano compositions, orchestral tracks and various guitar ideas - you can find this release in the store.

- More news and music soon!

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  1. So good to see you again.
    Happy you made it through difficult times. I saved your music on YouTube.
    I have great appreciation for your talents. I also loved your early accordion pieces. Thanks for the connection on FB.
    Yours in hope and love,
    Mary…a fan

  2. So happy to hear from your recent updates that you have recovered and are still working on your music. I’ve followed your videos for years and am so pleased to be able to purchase your music! Much love, looking forward to more beautiful sounds to emerge from your recovery.

  3. Every now and then I go back to watch your youtube videos, since 2008; always the same ones, always the same order: La Valse Des Monstres, La Noyée, and First Harvest. And I always wondered why you stopped posting, and today I read one comment on youtube and knew all about your cancer; I was shocked, but now happy to know you’re celebrating this huge milestone that is being cancer free. It is indeed a terrible disease and it’s always good to see someone overcoming it. I wish you the best of success after this reset, and thank you for sharing this raw material, and for those tracks I mentioned in the beginning, that’ve had always helped to clear my mind -even healed me- during tough times.
    Best regards from Chile.

  4. Dear Dave,

    I have been reading your note on Demos and Daydreams as I have been looking to find some recent news (possibly from yourself) about you . It is great news you are writing and better and have recovered from an illness that is hard to fight. So I am even more happy to read about your interior strenght, acquired through simple things like looking at the work you have done in the past and got the dimension you need to live large. I also like your website. It gives meaning to you and your work, music and sensitivity for life and for music. I would like to make a donation to your work to support you and your work and I wish I was a recording label to sign a contract with you to allow you to live decently and continue producing, but at the moment am going through hard times (materially speaking) . I don’t know if artists have all being poor (materially) but from art history many have suffered a lot to go through with themselves and their believes and art . I support you with all my heart and hope to meet you some time in person. Perhaps at a concert of yours or music festival or tour in Italy where I live. Ciao, big hug and believe in yourself always !

  5. Hello Dave,
    I am deeply touched by your words, it has been years since i last listend to „Skeleton Waltz“ (all time favourite, listend to it a hundred times no joke). You inspired me back then and you do today! Side note: this website is awesome! (06/01/19)

  6. Glad to hear you’re better and working towards your music again! I’ve been listening to your music for years and I love your originals especially Skeleton Waltz. I actually listen to it when I’m studying and watching you play accordion makes me want to try it out (I’m an avid piano player but never tried accordion – maybe one day!)
    Thanks for sharing your content and keep on making! It’s inspiring 🙂

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